The KRFI Podcasts and Publications are current event of the psychedelic scientific reports. KRFI is a medical and drug research institute dedicated to ibogaine and psychedelic for global mental health security and neglected diseases research.

The KRFI Podcast is a space to address diverse topics utilizing Natural plant medicine by open dialogue and conversations around the current evidence based clinical studies of psychedelics and Ibogaine, and the scientific formulations and enhancement of psychedelics. These medicinal plant bioactive in the use of entheogenic spiritual practices and the traditional medicines for mental health therapies are of cultural heritage and diversity that has impacted human mental health and spirituality throughout our history.

Our dialogues aim to bring scientists and industrialist together to challenge the skepticism of the entheogenic spiritual practices are often associated with shamanism, and traditional practitioners in anthropological and historical use of the psychedelics has extensive applications for the mental health therapeutics beyond spiritual and entheogenic practices.

In the present times of national and global opioid pandemic, ibogaine and psychedelics has shown efficacy for opioid and substance use disorder and its anti-addiction properties as therapeutics has entered diverse clinical trials globally. The national opioid abatement funds has been established addressing the private public sector partnership principals in Opioid Abatement Matching Fund (OAMF) to share the burdens of Opioid Pandemic and its Mental Health Securities as the growing number of in-state stakeholders and to high-performance industrial and corporate responsibilities in the Access for Benefit Sharing (ABS) and Off-Set environmental community impact for local US and global stakeholders in a sustainable business partnership in the future of safeguarding our community and people.

It goes to show that while our differences are addressing the decriminalization of the 1970’s War on Drug that brought on the US and global policies beyond the wisdom of the natural product medicine, our lives disrupted with social inequity and incarcerations, and creation for the mental health discord and scheduled 1 grouping of all psychedelic natural products in the controlled substance with over 50 years restriction on necessity of evidence based scientific challenges of the natural products psychedelic uses.

Throughout our humanity and mythical historical aspects as a de fact that psychedelics has ultimately unveiled through plant medicine and the psychospiritual portal for mental health. In the awake of our current Opioid Pandemic and the need for national mental health security, the state of Opioid Abatement Funds in finding an civil and public private sector partnership for the Opioid Abatement Matching Fund (OAMF) for the ibogaine and psychedelic medicine. Currently the world is seeking new national and global mental health security - for a healthy community that is reflection of our inner beings within all of us.

The interviews are in reporting of the present progress of psychedelic Act, New Natural Medicine Health Act, and Decriminalization of Psychedelic Bill and national legislation, and much anticipated FDA Clinical Studies of KRFI Remogen® Ibogaine ProDrug for Opioid Use Disorder for its anti-addiction efficacy studies.

KRFI’s current PPP Secretariat for the Round Table (PPP SRT) challenges for the establishment of the Opioid Abatement Matching Fund (OAMF) are initiative launched in conjunction to the efforts of W. Bryan Hubbard, former AG of Kentucky Opioid Abatement Advisory Commission (KOAAC) to be earmarked for Ibogaine FDA IND for Opioid Use Disorder Clinical Trial by building a stronger Private Public Sector Partnership through the Opioid Abatement Matching Fund (OAMF). Opioid Pandemics are critical ongoing topics in CA, CO, OR, OH, NY, NM, NV, and others for important US legislative bills are decriminalization bill for the ibogaine and psychedelics in wake of diverse non profit and industrial private sector clinical trials for psychedelic therapeutic with evidence based clinical trials and reports globally.

KRFI supports publications and reporting on the social movements of KRFI PPP SRT with UNODC, and its importance of the UN Convention on BioDiversity (UNCBD) and the Ibogaine and Psychedelic Medicinal for Access for Benefit Sharing (ABS) for Ibogaine and the psychedelic natural medicine Act and decriminalization of scheduled Psychedelic UN convention by UNODC. Global report on the Ibogaine and Psychedelics for Natural Medicine Health Act for OUD/SUD Therapeutics.
Paul Derienzo’s interview and KRFI Ibogaine and the Psychedelic Archival Reporting

Paul is News Director at WBAI-fm in New York City. He has been a news reporter and talk show host at WBAI for many years. Paul is also an educator and teacher in the New York City Department of Education, at Fordham University and Hunter College. He has a master’s degree in education from City College of New York and a BA from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Paul has served on the board of the not-for-profit Pacifica Foundation that administers 5 radio stations and hundreds of affiliates across the United States. He was Editor-in-Chief of High Times magazine and founded the marijuana monthly Heads magazine. Heads was named the best new magazine of 1999 by CUNY.

Paul is co-author of The Ibogaine Story a book that remains the Rosetta Stone to the amazing qualities of the African entheogenic psychedelic known as Ibogaine. The Ibogaine Story – The Manhattan Project, a 1989 view of the underground Ibogaine Anti-addiction medicine for Opioid Use Disorder. Paul’s experience with Psychedelic movement in US and in-depth reporting on diverse aspects of Ibogaine history of discovery and documentation with Howard Lotsof, and Bob Sysko Rand and currently conducting interviews for Ibogaine and psychedelic for Knowledge Recovery Institute’s Podcasts and Publications.

The Manhattan Project is a story based on the history of NYS based Ibogaine R&D approval for legislative bill by Senator Schumer, through the Howard Lotsof and Bob Sysko Rand’s passing of the Ibogaine IP for applications for polymorphic anti-addiction therapeutics, striving for clinical applications research passing through NDA Inc to Phytostan Ltd, and Addiction Research Institute, and the arrival of historical collection of archives at the Knowledge Recovery Institute in 2019.

Paul Derienzo is our interviewer for Ibogaine and psychedelic science. Current ongoing podcast interview for the KRFI Podcasts by Paul Derienzo does not reflect his diverse WBAI reports and announcement opinion.
The second public hearing is on September 15, 2023
Office of the Attorney General KYOAAC

Office of the Attorney General KYOAAC
The second public hearing is on September 15, 2023
Ibogaine and Opioid Dependence & Psychedelic Therapeutics Development - Opioid Abatement Matching Fund News
Kentucky opioid abatement advisory commission considers Ibogaine, a psychedelic treatment for opioid addiction.
6.2023 KY Opioid Abatement Advisory Commission
The first Public hearing of Office of the Attorney General KYOAAC20.08.2022
Ky. opioid abatement advisory commission
Ibogaine, a psychedelic treatment for opioid addiction.
Bryan Hubbard is the former Chairman and
Executive Director of the Kentucky Opioid
Abatement Advisory Commission.

Bryan Hubbard, JD on Opioid Abatement Matching Fund

Bryan Hubbard is the former Chairman and Executive Director of the Kentucky Opioid Abatement Advisory Commission. He concurrently served as Special Counsel to the Kentucky Attorney General's Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Control and was its prior Executive Director.

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Jose Carlos Bouso, PhD., Scientific Director, ICEERS (International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research, and Services) Clinical Psychologist, PHD in Pharmacology
As the scientific Director of ICEERS, Jose Carlos coordinates studies on the potential benefits of psychoactive plants, principally cannabis, ayahuasca, and ibogaine, with the goal of improving public health. He is the Co-principal investigator of the first controlled clinical trial using ibogaine for the treatment of methadone dependence.
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